MySQL Community Awards are coming to an end

MySQL Community Awards are coming to an end

I have been considering this for a while, but the 2019 edition of the MySQL Community Awards will be the final year. Over the past couple of years, the Percona Live conference has been expanding well beyond the walls of MySQL. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious event to hold the awards at, where there is both a large number of MySQL community members attending and the winners of the awards are also present.

The beauty of these awards was that there was no corporate entity involved – they were completely from the people and for the people. I was always really happy to give out an award to people that may not always be recognized and to celebrate what they had done.

The awards have been given out for 15 years now and they were picked up by the community from MySQL AB after 2009. I only managed the awards for a few years of the 15 total years, and before me — it was Shlomi Noach, and before him — Henrik Ingo. For a bunch of Award related trivia – see the end of this post:

Thank you to the many members of the voting committee, the members of the community who cared enough to nominate, and to Santiago Lertora for hosting/sponsoring the website.

If you have a strong desire to take over stewardship of these awards, please find me on mysqlcommunity slack and I can lend a hand.